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Description and Meaning of Synthetic and Fibre Hair Extensions

"Synthetic" and "Fibre" also spelled "Fiber" Hair.
Synthetic hair is simply strands of man-made fibre manufactured to look and act like natural human hair. The hair extension or wig is constructed in the same manner as a human hair product.

Good, Bad or Indifferent?

Like everything there is good and bad, but in the main most fibre hair extensions and wigs are good quality in relation to their purpose which is to provide a realistic alternative to real human hair extensions and wigs.

Synthetic Hair Products

We purchase the following synthetic hair products:
* Clip and Go 1 Partial Head Clip In Hair Extensions
* Clip and Go 4 Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions
* Colour Flash Clip In Hair Extensions
* Secrets Collection Fashion Wigs
* Secrets Collection Hair Pieces
* Secrets Collection Hair Buns
* Premium Medical Wigs