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Hair Extensions Prices

I am often asked why the price of hair extensions differ so wildly between manufacturers, brands and types of hair. Unfortunately there is no short answer but consider the example below.

Example of why hair extensions prices differ so wildly.
Let's use "Remy" Hair Extensions as an example. Hairaisers use authentic "Indian Remy Hair" in the Remy Collection of Clip In's and Wefts, this means that a set of 20 Inches Long true remy hair extensions costs around £175.00 + dependant on colour. - However, many other manufacturers simply "NAME" their product "remy hair extensions" whilst placing non-remy hair in their packaging. Thus the consumer is often duped..

Hair Extension PricesAuthentic, Guaranteed Hairaisers Hair Extensions

Purchase authentic hair extensions by grade and type below. Like all things in life, " you get what you pay for"

Premium European Hair Extensions
* Pink Label Collection. Clip In Professional Hair Extensions
* Blue Label. Professional Hairdressing European Hair weaves

Mid Price 100% Human Hair Extensions
* Pure Collection. Clip In Human Hair Extensions
* Supermodel Human Hair Extensions

Low Cost High-Heat Fibre Hair Extensions
* Clip & Go Collection. High Heat Fibre Clip In Hair Extensions