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Theatrical Grade Real Human Hair Moustaches
Suitable for TV, Stage & Big Screen Performances

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Mastix Hydro Spirit Gum by Kryolan Mastix Hydro Spirit Gum by Kryolan
Our Price: £4.16 Exc VAT
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30ML Skin Tone Adhesive for Moustaches, Beards and Wigs. Spirit Gum Mastix Spirit Gum Moustache and Beard Adhesive. 30ML
Our Price: £6.66 Exc VAT
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Pantomime Baddie Moustache Panto Baddie Moustache
Our Price: £20.82 Exc VAT
Skin Tone Adhesive for Moustaches, Beards and Wigs. Spirit Gum Mastix Spirit Gum Moustache and Beard Adhesive 12ML
Our Price: £4.99 Exc VAT
34 in stock!
We have supplied our our moustaches and beards to every category of customer from A-List celebrities to Halloween fancy dress aficionados and they are all equally happy with our products. Our range of theatrical moustaches is quite wide and each individual product can be altered to suit the character so I think we can cover all bases.

Professional Human Hair Fake Moustaches.

Currently all of our fake moustaches are hand made using 100% human hair. The hair is hand knotted onto very fine Swiss lace which is glued to the face using skin tone Moustache adhesive. Using a sharp pair of scissors the moustaches can be trimmed and shaped to match the facial lines of the performers face therefore opening up the range of characters we can cater to.

How to Spell Moustache

In the UK we spell it like this > Moustache, in the USA they spell it like this > Mustache. Our biggest market is within the United Kingdom but we sell a lot of moustaches and theatrical products to the USA so we are proud to support our America friends with all of their Mustache needs.

Fancy Dress Moustache
Most of our moustaches are available from stock in numerous colours which makes it easier for the actor or Fancy Dress enthusiast to select the perfect false moustache.

False Beards to Compliment our Theatrical Moustaches
It took us years to build up our portfolio of moustaches and beards and we are justifiably proud of our range, a large proportion of moustache customers also purchase a beard so if you also need a beard you can browse our false beard collection here.