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Wizard & Dwarf Wig, Beard and Moustache Sets

A selection of theatrical grade Wig, Beard and Moustache combinations representing the Wizards from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Our Wizard Sets include a Professional Lace Front Wig, Beard and Moustache in a single Wizard Costume set.
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Wardrobe Department Procurement

Hair and Beauty Corp help wardrobe managers to procure viable facial hair character sets. Let us know if you cannot see what you are looking for and we will see if we can help. If time permits we may be able to make special orders from your brief.

Wizard & Dwarf Wig, Beard & Moustache Costume Sets

Our Wizard Beard, Moustache and Wig costume sets are pure magic (ouch, sorry for the bad pun). Made from high-grade synthetic fibre it closely simulates human hair. As you can see from the pictures there is a lot of hair on these Wizard costume sets and if they were made from 100% human hair they would cost over £1,200.00 to buy, so we have developed a very close-to-human-hair alternative which is affordable and really very good value for money.

Wizard & Dwarf Beard Adhesive!

When fitted correctly your audience will not be able to tell that the costume set is made from fake hair and glued to your face with beard adhesive. In order to avoid disappointment please choose a good quality beard adhesive. You can buy beard adhesive here.