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Theatrical Beards and Moustaches

For theatrical beards and moustaches the Hair and Beauty Corp collection is second to none. From Clark Gable to Dumbledore to Father Christmas through ZZ Top, we are sure to have the perfect human hair beards and moustaches for your characterisation needs. We supply theatrical grade beards and moustaches to stage, TV and big screen productions all over the world and because our prices reasonable we are very popular with amateur dramatic societies and fancy dress enthusiasts. We are also in big demand by private detectives and street performers.

Why not bookmark this page when searching online for theatrical beards and moustaches for sale allowing you to return to us when you have checked out other suppliers? Hair and Beauty Corp is reputed to be the best source for where to buy fake moustaches for actors, private detectives and those fancy-dress parties when your facial hair just has to be realistic. Whatever the occasion, you can count on Hair and Beauty Corp to provide the best options for artificial beards and moustaches online.

If you are not quite sure what you are looking for why not start with our False Moustache collection.


"I found Hair and Beauty Corp online as I was trying to find an easier way of applying facial hair to my film character sculptures. I was immediately pleased as I was given prompt and professional responses to my emailed questions. Everything seemed to my liking so I gave it a shot. My beard set I ordered came to my door from overseas to the USA in less than a week! And if that wasn't impressive enough, the product quality was beyond what I was expecting! A perfect match and fit. I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole transaction. Thanks again" - Warren Houk, Florida

"I am a musician in a ZZ Top Tribute band located in St Louis Missouri USA. The beards in the ZZ Top band are the main signature visual trademark that their fans identify with so we needed something that was as close and professional as we could get. Hair and Beauty Corp met and surpassed all our expectations and needs.

After our first show with the new beards people lined up afterwards to take photos with us. The beards were the HIT of the evening!! The beards are professional theatrical quality grade unlike the costume and Halloween grade pieces sold elsewhere online. Add to this great customer service and fast shipping!

All our questions were answered quickly and in great detail. Mick and his people are first rate. Consider me a lifetime
Hair and Beauty Corp customer. Thanks so much!"
Mark L Arbogast TreZZ HombreZZ (a tribute to ZZ Top)