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Tinsel Hair Extensions 16 Inches Long by 1.5 Inches Wide

Tinsel Hair ExtensionsBeyoncĂȘ sparkling with more than just beauty!
Whilst the awesome Ms BeyoncĂȘ does not need tinsel in her hair to make her glisten with beauty,
she shows us all how well it can work and with a little help from your friends at Hairaisers you can add a little sparkle to your hair as well.

How to create a similar, sparkling look.
Simply purchase a set of Tinsel Flash hair extensions from the colour selection below, then...
sprinkle a little pixie dust over your hair and just like BeyoncĂȘ you'll be ready for the ball.

OK, so we can't give you any pixie dust because we are all out of stock. But, if you've got any we'll take it off your hands :-) However we can give you the opportunity to get your hands on a free set of Funky Diva Colour Flash hair extensions if you are feeling creative.

Would you like a FREE set of Funky Diva Colour Flash?
Free Funky Diva set includes: (your choice of colour)
1 x Funky Diva Colour Flash human hair.
1 x Funky Diva Colour Flash synthetic hair.
1 x Funky Diva Feather Flash.
1 x Funky Diva Tinsel Flash.

All you have to do is purchase one piece of Funky Diva Colour Flash human hair here and then take a picture of you wearing it and tweet it to us. You'll need to follow us on Twitter first we are @Hairaisers

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