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Pure Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Selecting from 14, 18 and 22 inches in 28 natural, jaw-dropping shades these full head hair extensions are made up of 8 pieces and 14 clips to form a luxurious full head.

Pure Remy clip in hair extensions include 8 pieces and 14 clips for a luxurious full head.

If you have used hair extensions during the past 10 years you will know that the price has just kept going up and up. It's been a never ending upward spiral and everyone in the chain is suffering from this.The manufacturing plant pays more for the raw hair, the factories are paying higher wages to their employees (quite right) and shipping costs also keep going up and all of this increased cost shows up in the retail price.

In this constant battle against price, distributors and consumers both have to balance cost vs. quality - the distributor has to decide what cost is too much in deciding what the retail price should be and the consumer - the person whom wears the product will make a decision on how much she or he is willing to pay to get the desired look!

We at HBCL have broken the Hair Extension cost vs. quality conundrum down like this. Our best quality hair is our A-List Hair Extension Collection which consists of 120g Weft, Pre-Bonded and Stick Tip hair extensions. Have a look at our A-List hair extensions here. Make no mistake our A-List collection is the highest grade and therefore is high-value which means it is used mainly by hairdressing professionals who fit the hair extension during an in-salon client service.

At the other end of the scale we have created our Pure Hair extension collection which consists of clip-in's and weft made from medium grade/quality which is luxuriously soft and is affordable by most who want to purchase durable hair extensions. We launched the new Pure clip In Hair Extensions collection in March 2018 and we have been very, very pleased with the feedback. Consumers love the hair and we get a very tiny percentage of returns.