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Theatrical Fake Eyebrows

Theatrical Eyebrows indistinguishable from naturally growing eyebrows. Hand Made from real human hair, used for Theatre, TV and fancy dress productions.
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False Eyebrows - Multiple Uses

False eyebrows are not our fastest selling items but they are a useful service line which we keep in stock to service creative works such as baby hair on reborn dolls and waxwork heads. Makeup artists and waxwork modellers will remove the very short hair from the eyebrow gauze and plant it in the wax. The Eyebrow images show the actual items which look a little washed out in the images, but appear real when adhered to the skin with Hair and Beauty Corp Skin Tone beard adhesive.

Cosmetic Products

Whilst the false eyebrows were developed for cosmetic use It is not widely known that Hair and Beauty Corp stocks a wide range of Makeup in our cosmetics section. Makeup Artists and the general public are welcome to buy Premium Makeup and high street prices here.