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Pre Bonded Hair Extensions.

Our A-List Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are ultra thick Double Drawn 100% Remy human hair of the highest quality boasting the most luxurious silky and shiny hair. Perfect for those who require thicker, fuller and longer hair.
When selecting Pre Bonded hair extensions why it is important to think about price as the first consideration?

Because Pre Bonded hair is generally fitted to stay in the hair for three months it is important the hair can stand up to the rigours of your everyday life and not let you down. If the Pre Bonded hair you are considering to buy is cheap or the low price seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Pre Bonded Hair is generally fitted by a professional using a bond which fuses between the hair extension and your natural hair. Good manufacturers will use a high grade Keratin bond which has a low melting point and will not damage your hair, whilst cheaper alternatives use non-keratin glue which has a higher melting point and is difficult to remove and quite damaging to your natural hair.

Further to the Keratin Bonds the hair in the Pre Bonded Hair extensions needs to be of a higher than normal quality because unlike a weft or clip in hair extensions each "Bond" is strategically placed by the hairdresser to blend perfectly with your natural hair, a weft will lay-over your natural hair, yet a Pre Bonded strand when fitted by a professional will literally "disappear" into the hair.

Pre Bonded hair extension will take many hours to fit and you need to be sure you do not need to revisit the salon to have cheap pre bonds removed prematurely.