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Meaning and Description of 100% Human Hair Extensions

What are 100 Percent Human Hair Extensions?
Hair Extensions manufactured using 100% human hair with no mixing of animal hair or synthetic hair.

Animal and Synthetic Hair Mixing?

This may sound a little strange to the non-expert and consumer hair extensions buyer but the unfortunate truth is that a very large proportion of clip in and weft hair extensions that claim to be "100% human hair extensions" are actually mixed with either or animal hair or synthetic hair!!

Artificially Low Hair Extension Prices

High quality human hair is in increasing short supply and therefore (authentic) 100% human hair extensions are increasing in price. In order to keep the price artificially low many far eastern manufacturers mix animal and or synthetic hair on the same weft. More often that not the retailer and the consumer is fooled as following processing it's near impossible to tell with the naked eye and it's only when the hair is worn and later shampooed that the difference in quality can be recognised.

Buyer Beware
We are all aware that the market in counterfeit designer brands is huge and at some stage we've all seen or been offered fake Rolex watches and Gucci handbags. We'll unfortunately the hair extensions market is no different and there is are great many fake "100% Human Hair Extensions" on retailers shelves and website sales pages.