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True Description and Meaning of Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated.
The best way to describe virgin hair is to imagine that naturally growing human hair has never been Bleached, Coloured, Permed or Chemically treated. The only treatment virgin hair may have had to remain classified as "virgin" hair is shampoo and conditioner. The hair will be wholly natural with its cuticle intact.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions must be made entirely from hair that is authentically classified as "Virgin Hair" as described above.

To be classified as virgin extensions the extensions must be:

1. A naturally growing hair colour - IE: Never chemically coloured.
2. The natural cuticle layer must be intact.

Naturally growing human hair has a cuticle layer, which when magnified resembles tiles on a roof or scales on a fish. The cuticle layer is 5 to 15 layers deep and is present on every strand of authentic human hair. The reason I mention this is because the natural cuticle layer is stripped from most coloured human hair extensions and replaced with silicone to contain the cortex and add "bulk weight" and softness to the hair extension following the bulk colouration process.

If you are ever offered virgin hair extensions which appear to have been coloured, then they cannot be virgin!

There are many grades of human hair which are used in hair extensions and this hair is sourced from a multitude of countries and collection methods. We only use ethically sourced hair in our hair extensions and wigs.

Our Clip In Remy hair extensions and Remy Weft are ethically sourced from southern India.