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Quality Guarantee

At HBCL we stand absolutely by our product authenticity and quality and we're proud to guarantee everything we sell.

Because the hair extensions and wig industry is unregulated it is flooded with counterfeit products and fake human hair extensions and wigs because many fraudulent far eastern manufacturers flaunt packaging regulations by falsely "labelling" their products as "100% Human Hair" or "Remy Hair" etc, the general rule with when purchasing what you think might be authentic high grade hair extensions is - if you think is cheap or too good to be true then it's almost certainly not authentic and you will be aiding the counterfeiters and purchasing sub-standard products. "Buyer- Beware"

You wouldn't purchase a new Gucci handbag for £50.00 on ebay but you'd be surprised how many consumers buy fake remy hair online and in retail shops.

Testing returned products

Whilst we guarantee everything we sell we are always on our guard to ensure that any returns to us are authentic products. We test all returns to ensure that they are genuine products and to ensure that have not been mistreated or falsely returned.