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Fu Manchu Moustache. Theatrical Human Hair
Fake Moustache Fu Manchu Real Human Hair
Fu Manchu Fake Moustache.
Real Human Hair. Theatrical Grade.


Fu Manchu Fake Moustache.
Real Human Hair.
Theatrical Grade.

* Fu Manchu is made with genuine, healthy human hair
* Each strand of hair is hand tied on to fine Swiss Lace
* The moustache is indistinguishable from a real moustache when worn

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HBCL Price: £19.99 Exc VAT

Product Code: MOUSTACHE-MC

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Real Human Hair Fu Manchu Moustache

Moustache Fu Manchu Fancy Dress

Theatrical-Grade Fu Manchu Moustache

Whether you’re dressing up for a masquerade ball or preparing your next Halloween costume, you’ll be able to create the perfect villain with our Dr. Fu Manchu moustache. This slim, downward-turned moustache will look just like real, naturally growing facial hair when used with professional moustache adhesive.

Our Fu Manchu villain moustache is handmade with each hair hand-tied onto fine Swiss lace. You’ll only find this high level of quality available at such an affordable price here. The low price as well as ease of use allows it to be used for everything from theatrical performances to a multitude of private occasions, such as impressing your friends at fancy dress parties.

Dr. Fu Manchu is a fictional character created by British author Sax Rohmer and has been around for over 90 years. He is not only a famous and historical evil genius but also the bearer of a very striking piece of facial hair. His mustache – known as the Fu Manchu mustache – dates back to Chinese Mongol invaders and was seen as a sign of strength and aggression.

Total Confidence With our Facial Hair

Dressing up can require a vote of confidence in oneself, and if you’re adding facial hair to your persona, you’ll want to be sure it’s going to stay in place. If your Fu Manchu moustache costume is for the stage, you’re well aware of the fast-moving action that is often required of performers under blazing hot lights. Knowing your moustache will stay on no matter what is critical to giving your best performance – and that’s exactly what this moustache will provide.

We are proud to offer theatrical moustaches that stay in place comfortably for hours at a time. This is a combination of the Swiss lace base along with our skin-tone spirit gum adhesive (sold separately), which work together to keep the moustache in place securely while also offering you the flexibility you need to forget about your moustache and focus on your performance.

How To Apply Fu Manchu Moustache

Before you attach your moustache, hold it up to your face to check sizing. If necessary, trim it with sharp scissors. When your moustache is the right size and shape for your face, dab Spirit Gum adhesive to your upper lip using a sponge. Allow the spirit gum to dry until it is sticky to touch. At this point, you should apply your Fu Manchu moustache, gently patting it in place with your fingers. Keep you face still without talking, moving or laughing for about a minute to let the moustache set.

This Fu Manchu moustache is so famous that it is a category in the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Before the movie ‘The Mystery of Fu Manchu’ was released, the famous villain was often depicted as a clean-shaven man – Fu Manchu changed that. Transform yourself into this classic villain with our high-grade Fu Manchu moustache for a look you won’t believe isn’t real. Order yours today!
Product Features
  • Fu Manchu is made with genuine, healthy human hair
  • Each strand of hair is hand tied on to fine Swiss Lace
  • The moustache is indistinguishable from a real, naturally growing moustache when fitted correctly
  • Our moustaches can be cut using sharp scissors to change its appearance if needed
  • If you have any questions please ring customer services on London 0161 302 8994

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